Sunday, November 15, 2009

Geezerville remembered!

Today's location, Georgetown, SC, a 60-mile run from N Myrtle Beach.  See our route by clicking on the following link.,-79.169197&spn=0.615696,1.599884&z=10

Remnants of IDA were still with us on yesterday's run.  It was chilly, overcast, drizzly in spots and windy. Conditions wern't too bad to chase us from the flying bridge to the pilothouse though. That's the beauty of the intracoastal waterway.  NOAA weather reported 11-15 foot waves in the Atlantic yesterday.

We stopped here with Rick and Lynnie (MV Rickshaw) on our way North last June and celebrated Norm's 65th birthday.   Hence, "Geezerville".  We're at at different marina this time (Boat Shed Marina) because it has better rates.  Gypsies are due in tomorrow.  They stayed back another day in Wrightsville Beach due to continuing bad weather.  Seems we slipped south of the really bad stuff just in time.

Weather has improved significantly since yesterday.  This is the Marnia's front yard.  It's sunny and warm here.  So, we took a walk downtown and through some of the closer residential areas.

Most of the residential streets here are lined with these huge old trees.  This one on the right is over 540 years old.

There are tons of these old plantation-type mansions. These two were built in the 1700's.


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