Thursday, November 19, 2009

Port Royal Landing--One Horse Town!!

Today's route and destination (Lynnie told me how to shorten the link title.  So just click on this shortened link):
Charleston, SC to Port Royal Landing (near Beaufort, SC)

There are 7-foot tides here.  And, the marina is a good distance from the shore.  When the tide is down, so is the ramp from the elevated fixed walkway from shore.  As you can see here, Vicki is just a little squirt at the bottom of the ramp going to our dock.

Now, while in Charleston the other day, Doug and Tammy invited us over for apps and wine tasting.  They purchased this neat appliance that changes dirt-cheap wine into the finest of fine.  It's called Vinturi.  And, it really worked!!!  We brought over a box of white and a bottle of rot-gut red.  They were remarkably transformed into fine chateaus.

Here's Doug performing the wine transformation.  As they say in the hills, "we gotta get us one o them" !!

Port Royal Landing is just down the waterway from the much more popular Beaufort, SC, pronounced Bue-fort.  (The Beaufort in NC is pronounced Bo-fort, I think.)  We have been to Beaufort a couple of times so thought we would visit here to check it out.  After all, that's the purpose of this slo-mo cruise south--to see the world!  This marina has a courtesy car, or in this case a courtesy pickup.  We borrowed the truck at 4:30 PM.  The dockmaster told us we had to have the truck back by 6 PM when they close.  We were back with the truck at 4:55 PM.  It's a very small place.  The restaurant on site is know for their hamburgers and rightly so.  They were fantastic!

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