Saturday, November 21, 2009

First Class Marina--Bob and Steph's Dock

(No route or location this time folks to protect the identity of this private residence.)

It was a short cruise from last nights anchorage to the home to Bob and Stephanie aboard September Song.  Sadly, they got cabin fever and left a few days earlier.  They are looking for warmer climes and Thanksgiving in St Augustine, so had to skedaddle.  But they left us very clear directions and permission to use the dock and their car.  What wonderfully generous friends.

We're a couple of days earlier than planned.  So, we will continue our relaxation mode before heading to the Jacksonville, FL airport to fly to Columbus, OH for Thanksgiving.

To all of our regular blog readers, we extend our most heartfelt wishes for a safe, fun and warm Thanksgiving holiday.  Watch out for the turkey enzyme!!

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