Thursday, November 12, 2009

IDA's Rath Is Upon Us.

Today's location:  See our progress from Southport, NC to N Myrtle Beach, SC.  Just click on this link below.,-78.377838&spn=0.66971,1.668549&z=10&msid=109668809482238190310.0004782d9fe5b30b36828

Our cruise today was 40 miles in rain, cold and high winds.  The Intracoastal Waterway was the place to be and we were nicely protected most of the way.  Only felt IDA's high winds in early afternoon as we passed open inlets.  We'll  stay "hunkered down" here for another day due to continuing gnarly weather.

Passed this sport fishing cruiser.  This guy had a bad day!  From the looks of the water stains we think she may have been lying ther for a while.  We try to avoid these types of docking situations.  Hard to sleep on such an angle.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New and Improved......

We felt uneasy leaving Doug and Tammy, but they insisted we go because they are secure, have the parts coming in the mail and Doug has all the tools and knowledge to replace the alternator.  They also knew that we were on a schedule to catch a plane in Jacksonville, FL.  So, with their blessing, we departed Wrightsville Beach at first light. 

New and Improved.  Now see our course from Wrightsville Beach to Southport, NC.  It was just a short trip today.  We have been expecting heavy rains and winds this afternoon, so decided to call it a day when we got to Southport.  Here is the link.  Please give it a couple more seconds to download; and, don't forget to zoom out for a bigger picture.  Check it out and let us know what you think of this.,-78.02443&spn=0.010452,0.026071&z=16&msid=102224145462847302635.0004780e8b99bb0b408e6

We were passed by this TRUMPY along the way.  What a beautiful boat.  Just look at the details of this old classic that has been updated with satellite TV and other amenities.

Crossing the Masonboro Inlet, we spotted this bait boat.  Quite different from the typical bait store.

We walked the town today and had lunch at Day Street Pizza and Deli.  Only OK.  We also picked up a few Christmas stocking stuffers.  Lots of choices in this tourist town.  We also visited the Maritime Museum and saw artifacts of the Andrea Dora and other sunken ships, a brief history of pirates in the Cafe Fear area and more.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Restricted Bridges, Opposite Currents, Funny Boats and Bad Alternators....

Our position tonight:,-77.76947&spn=0.166676,0.417137&t=h&z=12&msid=102224145462847302635.000477f80df44988e9c24

We and the Gypsies cruised about 40 miles today.  We're anchored with about 25 or so other boats, mostly sailboats in the Wrightsville Beach, NC anchorage.  This anchorage is just north of the Masonboro Inlet.  It was a long day due to restricted bridges (they only open at designated times).  We had to wait for a couple; and, in some of the locations, we were fighting the tidal currents shooting in from the Atlantic into the Intracoastal at the inlets.  Then the bad news.  One of Gypsies alternators went belly up.  Doug is waiting for the engine room to cool down before attempting rescue.  But, he thinks it will have to be replaced since it is exhibiting the same symptoms that the other alternator exhibited before it croaked.  We all have one alternator on each engine.  I offered him the spare I carry, but it is different and would require extensive rewiring.  Doug says he has installed these before, so not to worry.

This "boat" was actually blocking our way through the Wrightsville Beach Lift Bridge.  Could not tell immediately what it was.  His engine was stalled and they were frantically trying to restart her as 10 or so boats were transiting the bridge opening heading south.  Then, we saw exactly what it was.  It was this....  You tell me!

Yesterday, we cruised from Morehead City to Mile Hammock Anchorage.  Mile Hammock is part of Camp LeJune Marine Base but is open to public anchoring.  We've been there a couple of times before on our northerly/southerly treks.  Here's its location:,-77.32461&spn=0.020747,0.052142&t=h&z=15&msid=102224145462847302635.000477f8a193a604caa82

It was a very peacefull anchorage with bright stars we could touch, and quiet.  That is till this morning.  Just after we departed we heard bombs exploding.  Must have been those bunker-busters they were so loud and the vibration was felt in our chests.  Tammy hit the nail on the head:  "we left just in time".

Here's Gypsies in the Palace this morning just after sunrise.

This looks like an old Marine artillery target, but it's parked in the anchorage.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Friends and.............Pizza. What else!!

Our new location tonight:,-77.324524&spn=0.020747,0.052142&z=15&msid=109668809482238190310.000477e4c7e25b48bf26a

Hello All.  We are cruising south with Doug and Tammy aboard Gypsies in the Palace.  Arrived Mile Hammock Anchorage at 3:30 today.  Fired up the grill and had an early dinner.  Will be a relaxing night just reading and getting ready for the morn.  Tomorrow we head for Wrightsville Beach Anchorage.

Last night was dinner with the gang at Morehead City.  Cocktails aboard Rickshaw and dinner at the local pizza restaurant.

Tammy brought over her Curried Chicken--scrumptous!!  Here's Doug and Tammy enjoying the  moment.

Here's Lynnie calling a time out for, well....noone knows what!