Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cruising To Warmer Climes...

First, our new location, Morehead City, NC:,-76.703711&spn=0.020705,0.052142&z=15&msid=109668809482238190310.000477ce6ae3a7e6c0200

On Friday, Nov 6, we departed New Bern after 10 days. Got antsy to get moving south. The temps at night have been in the 40's. The winds were forecasted to be 20-25 Knots and they were....somewhere. We did not experience that on the Neuse River. So, our 5-hour trek to Morehead City was great.

Met up with Rick and Lynnie Tierney yesterday evening. After an hour of appetizers, cocktails and "lets gut up to date chat" we partook of Lynnies great peel and eat shrimp aboard Tide Hiker. Then it was on to the world championship "Mexican Train" Domino's. The Tierney's whitewashed the Naughtons. (And we taught them this game!!) We immediately challenged for the title. Time and date TBD.

Doug and Tammy aboard "Gypsies in the Palace" arrived today. We'll party tonight and depart with them for warmer climes in the morning.

Monday, November 2, 2009

A SCARY time was had by all....

Rick and Lynnie (M/V Rickshaw) drove up to New Bern from Morehead City to visit. And, a scary time was had by all. Booooooooo!

The music played, the sun went down, the wine flowed, the dancing with the stars started. We'll let the pics speak for themselves. Just know that the gremlins, goblins and gouls kept their distance and watched in horror...............