Monday, October 17, 2011

60,000 gray bats. Music video shoot. The "Iceman", and more..........

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In this issue....
  • Street dancing lessons in North Chattanooga,
  • Good bye Chattanooga and Tennessee River.  Hello, Tennessee-Tombigby Waterway
  • Sixty thousand gray bats,
  • Dancing Bear in a professional music video shoot, 
  • The "Iceman" cometh.
After three great cruise days, we arrived Pickwick Lake.    Pickwick is at the top of the Tennessee-Tombigby Waterway and the junction with the Tennessee River.  We'll be here in Aqua Yacht Harbor for a few days, then continue our route south to Mobile, AL and the Gulf of Mexico.  We've cruised downstream about 400 miles, through three states and decended about 400 ft in elevation since departing Ft Loudoun.  As you know, Vicki's mom, Avie, cruised with us from Chattanooga, TN to Guntersville, AL. Avie anchored with us in some beautiful coves, watched 60,000 gray bats emerging from their cave, and whipped us at canasta. But, all good things must come to an end and Avie had to go home.  After all, we needed some rest.  After dropping Avie off at the Huntsville, AL airport,  Vicki and I went on to Birmingham, AL to tour the Civil Rights Institute and Museum.  We also received word that Todd and Brenda aboard Life's 2 Short will be in town and another party was in the making, including participating in a professional music video shoot at their friends, "The Iceman's", palace on Pickwick Lake.   Here's the picture-story of these awesome events.

 Vicki and Avie always wanted to work in a "Gentleman's Club". So, in downtown Chattanooga, they put on a frustrated public display of...well........... 

 Vicki and Avie on the pedestrian bridge overlooking North Chattanooga and the moored Delta Queen river boat hotel and restaurant.

Imbedded in the sidewalks of North Chattanooga are metalic feet in the formation of dance steps.  There are several on both sides of the main street.  Here, Vicki and Avie demonstrate the tango to a couple of passers-by.

Just another photo opportunity of Vicki and her mom, Avie at the downtown Chattanooga Three Sister's Bluegrass Festival.  It was a bit chilly that day, with strong winds blowing off the river.

 We departed Chattanooga, TN and cruised to Guntersville, AL, with a stop in Goose Pond Colony Marina.  Avie treated us to a great meal at the restaurant on-site.  Avie ordered the crab leg special.  Those farm girls sure have a great appetite.

 We anchored in a beautiful cove not far from Guntersville and dinghy'd over to a well known endangered Gray Bat Cave.  Here, we're hustling to the cave to watch the bats emerge after sunset.

We got to the cave just before dark and anchored about 20-ft off the mouth of the cave and waited. 

Actually, we opened a bottle of wine and some snacks and giggly waited.  We told scary goulish stories and Vicki got scared.  Later, darkness fell upon the earth. We were nervously awaiting the emergence of VAMPIRES? BLOOD-SUCKING GOULS? We didn't know. The wine was working on us. Then, Then, they came!!!


We departed the next day and returned to Guntersville.  We drove Avie to the Huntsville, AL airport and after seeing that she was safely checked in and her luggage was secure, we drove to Birmingham, AL.  Vicki wanted to visit the Civil Rights Institute and Museum there. 

Vicki with MLK

We proceeded East on the Tennessee River to Pickwick Lake and the junction with the Tennessee-Tombigby Waterway, our route south to Mobile Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.  But Mobile Bay is about 450 miles further so we'll be making many stops.  The first was Aqua Yacht Harbor where we plan to spend a couple of weeks.  Not long after arriving at Aqua Yacht Harbor, we got a call from Todd and Brenda, aboard Life's 2 Short.  They were driving up from Demopolis, AL and would  be in the Pickwick Lake area for a couple of days.  So, on Friday, they stopped by Tide Hiker for a few "pop's" and we got caught up.  Before departing, they asked us if we wanted to participate in a professional music video being shot at a friends home the next day.  We jumped at the chance and couldn't wait till Saturday. 

 Here's Todd (in the green apron) and a helper "pulling the pork" as it were.

After a couple of ice cold Miller Lite's, it got a little crazy. 

Todd and Brenda are selling their boat "Life's 2 Short" and moving ashore after 6 years.  We'll miss you guys and hope we always stay in touch.  Good luck and LOL.

The music video was performed by the country music singer Jay Stone and was shot at the home of Bud, alias "The Iceman".  The release we signed prevents us from displaying the shoot here.  The Iceman gets that name because he cruises on Pickwick Lake all summer on his Sea Doo with a cooler of beer.  The ice melts and the beer gets warm.  So, Bud accepts donations of ice from anyone and everyone to "save" the beer.    Hence, the "Iceman".   Actually, The Iceman is a legend on the lake.  Most important, Bud is a really nice guy, a generous spirit and a good friend to Todd and Brenda.  He welcomed us with open arms.  Thanks Bud for a great time.