Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Arrived at our first Tennessee Destination: Chattanooga

We promised earlier to post some more pics/videos of the "Grand Canyon of the Tennessee River."  Connectivity was bad then.  It's much better here so we will include those pics here now.  First, here is our cruise map for our final leg to Chattanooga, TN from Guntersville, AL (our last map posting location):

Guntersville to Chattanooga

Here's those videos and pics we promised:

As you can see, there's lots of culture to be learned here on the Tide Hiker blog.  Acutally, the river scenes are breathtaking, no matter what they're called. 

Cruising up the Grand Canyon of the Tennessee River

More of the Grand Canyon of the Tennessee River

We've actually been in Chattanooga for three days now and have been exploring the city and surrounds.  So far, we like what we see.  Just steps from our downtown riverfront dock is a 10 mile walking, biking, roller-blading trail along the beautiful Tennessee River.  We're liking that!!  Movies, restaurants, shopping, fitness center and attractions (including the famous Tennessee Aquarium) are also just a few steps from Tide Hiker. We're liking that!!  The riverfront here has been transformed over recent years.  It is home to music festivals, art museums and sculpture gardens.  We're liking that too!!

These water fall steps are enjoyed by the public as place to cool off.  Acutally, they are part of a memorial to the "Trail of Tears" american indian forced relocation back in the 1800's.

Tide Hiker is right in the center of this downtown riverfront bluff dock.  Those are condo's up on the bluff. The Tennessee Aquarium is the upper right building with the trianglular roof line.

Hunter Museum of American Art