Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Weather Is So Exciting.....................

We're still here in sunny, warm (mostly) Marathon FL.  We have had some spells of colder, windier weather, but mostly we are enjoying 70's during the day and 60's at night.  Perfect!!  So, come on down and enjoy the weather with us.  All you gotta do is get here. 

We're getting reacquainted with shore living.  We found a church to regularly attend, know where the shopping and eateries are and found good walking and biking routes.  Also, we're making major headway on boat projects that have lingered for months (nothing critical, but nice to take care of when at a dock for some time and close to marine suppliers if needed).  The marina is fillling up for the rest of the winter.  We are meeting some really nice folks, both cruisers and non-cruisers.  We celebrated Christmas in Key Biscayne with Norm's sister, had boat guests from our Delaware roots, caught lots of snapper and played in Key West a couple of times.  All in all, a wonderful month first month here.  Here are some pics of our escapades so far in Marathon, FL.

Yes, this was one of the colder days.  Would you believe it actually got down into the high 50's.  

It was Christmas at Joyce's in Key Biscayne, FL. 

Norm was Santa this year.

Friends Roger and Lisa, from Tampa and originally from our home dock in Delaware, visited us for a couple of days.  This was a special gift from the girls to the guys.  They secretly arranged a trip to Key West to bring in the New Year.  Neither Norm nor Roger knew the destination.  It was an awesome weekend with special friends.  Thanks Vick and Lisa.

It was a great day catching snapper in the Keys.  Bob (September Song) and Norm then grilled them up for a spectacular fresh snapper dinner with Stephanie and Vicki.

Vicki met a wonderful couple at church.  We have since become friends and guess what?  They are from Dousman, WI, just a short distance from our home town, Milwaukee.  Dan and Maryann Connell have been retired here for over a year.  We've been back and forth for dinner (Maryann makes a killer lasagna and the best peach upside-down cake in the land), played dominoes, and Dan took Norm fishing for a haul of porgies and mackeral.  It was an extra-special treat to go with Dan and Maryann to dinner in  Key West --in their plane (!), a Beachcraft Bonanza--the same model Norm used to fly.  It was great for Norm to be back on the plane and even greater to be flying with wonderful folks and a competent, IFR-rated pilot.

Maryann and Vicki our backseat co-pilots.  Norm was up front with Dan.

We had a great meal at the Hot Tin Roof Restaurant in Key West.  Thanks Dan and Maryann.

Yesterday, was the Key West Sea Food Festival.  Bob and Stephanie and Tom and Linda (new cruising Canadian friends) drove down to Key West and celebrated great weather, great sea food and beverages together.  Here's Bob behind the board--just playing around!

Of course a sea food festival would not be complete without oyster shooters.  Bob and Norm "slidin em in".  Hmmmmmmm good!

Here's the gang and the Schooner Warf Bar and Grille. Rick and Therese (dock friends) also joined us here.

Then, to our surprise, we found Dan and Maryann Connell and their daughter, Sam.  We all had a great time.

A sight for sore eyes.  This Packer Backer was celebrating in the Schooner Warf Bar.  Now that the Packers are headed to the championship game, spirits were high.

Just a view of this great Key West Bight Harbor.  Beautiful, right?

We see strange things in Key "Wierd".  Here's a local pet enjoying the wierdness of this wierd playground.

We'll leave you today with a pic of the fine grub at the Seafood Festival.  Hmmmmmm Good!!