Friday, November 20, 2009

Back On The Hook Again, Ahhhhhhhhh! (Revised with Pictures)

Today's route and new destination:  Buckhead Creek Anchorage.  Click on the link below:
Buckhead Creek Anchorage

 After all that marina time, it was a real treat to be back on the hook (anchoring). Everyone just hung on their boats and relaxed. What a nice respit. Norm grilled some marinated chicken. A very uneventful, quiet, relaxing evening--just what the doc ordered.

Following pics courtesy of Doug and Tammy aboard Gypsies in the Palace. They got this series of pictures of us approaching the anchoring area in Buckhead Creek. Being an hour ahead of us, they were already settled in. Vicki's at the helm and Norm is on the bow prepaing the anchor.

Approaching at low tide.

Finally settled in for a lazy night.

And the next morning, they took this shot as they were leaving at the break of dawn in the fog.  You can see the top of Tide Hiker in the distance on the bottom right side of the picture. 

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