Sunday, December 5, 2010

"The Professionals", at their trade.....

First of all, check out the previous blog.  We made a mistake when publishing the "insertion date" and our wonderful visit with Norm's beautiful sister,  Joyce, on Key Biscayne did not get published.   

We have reconnected with several friends here at Marathon, FL; and, it's only the beginning.  Our first adventures here have been with Bob and Stephanie aboard September Song and Doug and Tammy aboard Gypsies in the Palace.  (Doug and Tammy drove down here from their home port in Cape Canaveral.  That's where their boat is lying at this time.)  They delivered Bob and Stephanie's van.  Anyway, it's always a party with this mixture of fun-lovin, bar-hoppin, beer-swizlin, cigar-smokin cruisers.  And, this was no exception.  Friday night was drinks and apps aboard September Song, followed by drinks and apps at the new Sunset Grille followed by nightcaps at the Brass Monkey. The bands were playing great tunes and dancing was in order.  That Bob and Stephanie have more "moves" than Two Men and a Truck.

Doug, Tammy, Vicki, Norm, Stephanie, Bob at Sunset Grille

Local basket weaver, pausing for a pic.

Now, it's important to note that Doug and Tammy have been titled "the professionals" because of their prowess at partying hearty--long and heavy-duty with no next morning hangovers.  We thought that was, well, just good genes.  But then, at one of the bars in Key West, Doug pulled two fold up coozies out of his back pocket--always totally prepared to hold frosty beers.  Impressed????

We started out with a "roadie" and walked the crazy streets of Key West in search of Fogarty's.  There, we had the special lunch of the house--Sloppy Grouper Sandwich.  From there it was on to the Schooner Raw Bar for their famous wings and music by the legend himself--Michael McCloud.  From there it was on to Turtle Krawl Raw Bar for oysters and to meet some of Doug and Tammy's and Bob Stephanie's friends from the area.  We were stuffed at this point, so we had no famous raw oysters.  But we did have to make a stop at the Chart Room to quench our thirst and to give Doug a chance to whip out those coozies again.  Oops, sorry, they were never put away.  At 7PM we waltzed out to Duval Street for the Christmas Parade. Here's some shots of our Key West escapade:

Tammy working out the old coozie

The gang at our first stop.

Don't try spinning plates at home, kids.  This guy's a professional.

Robert' enjoying a just-wrapped cigar

The famous "Sloppy Grouper" sandwich at Fogarty's.  There's grouper, bacon, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, french fries and some sauce.  Served with rice and beans and plantains.  Ummmmmm.

The Professionals (Doug and Tammy) imbibing at one of the ubiquitous sidewalk beer venders.

Tammy puffing on a stogie just freshly wrapped at the Schooner Bar.

And, a Christmas Parade would not be complete without Santa

Here's a reminder of just how "different" Key West is-a dinghy with a recliner.  I'm sure there is a cooler down there somewhere, and a conch shell.

A holiday-happy bicyclists entertaining the crowd.

Vicki volunteered to be the designated driver for the hour drive back to Marathon.  She did quite well given the hour, the long day, having to look out for endangered Key Deer and the professional snoring in the rear seats.  On Sunday, "the professionals" and we amateurs were not going to miss breakfast at the "Stuffed Pig".  Their sign says "Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Cold Beer". 

Many of you reading our blog know that Doug has been singled out over the years as having the smallest dink (dinghy).  I won't go into the taudry details again because they are not fit for some readers.  But we have to mention that he lives up to his reputation of having small accessories, having recently purchased not one, but two Kia's-the smallest vehicle safely allowed on American highways.  Enough said?? 

Not looking to bad after a day with "The Professionals".  Gotta go--nap time!!