Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Great Deal that Wasn't

We left Rock Hall this morning, got fuel at Annapolis Landing Marina, and then headed for Eastport Yacht Club just across the bridge from Annapolis.  We thought we'd found an incredible deal -- $1/foot including electric at the yacht club with the reciprocity from the MTOA registration on Yacht Clubs of America.  It turns out that the deal was good, but the electric didn't work for us.  They cater to mostly smaller boats, and while we did tie up at a dock with 50 amp electric  -- it's only 125 volts wheras we use 250 volts.  We didn't have a cord that would hook up, and we wanted air conditioning, so we decided to leave.  Too bad... $1/foot including electric is half price in Annapolis.  We're now in "ego alley"  for $2/foot plus $15 electric...right in the heart of Annapolis... not a bad place to be! 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Arrrgh, you Scalawags...

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As you know, we had a "dinghy mishap" up in the Sassafras River.  Welll, with that fixed at Worton Creek we headed to the Chester River for some water play.  The weather had settled and cooled.  Great anchoring weather.  So, up the Chester to Langford Creek and Cacaway Island.

We got out the toys.  Get ready!  Set!  Play!!!

Vicki paddling on Langford Creek

Norm paddling and peddaling on Langford Creek

A really neat small replica of a Chesapeake Skipjack boat docked on Langford Cr.  These boats were the main oyster-fishing boats when oysters were plentiful.

Then it was on to Rock Hall; first, to Haven Harbor Marina.  We had a free one-night coupon we won at the last MTOA rendezvous.  Then next door to the only marina that had room for us for a week.  The weather again turned to "Scorching".  The lack of marina space was due to the upcoming "Pirates and Wenches Fantasy" this weekend.  It was a hoot.  More on that later.  First, we got a call from Roger and Lisa (from Dock B at Summit North Marina).  They said they have not overdosed on us yet, or the short time we were apart reset the dosage meter a bit for more time.  We think that was a compliment, but not sure.  Anyway, on a lark they left the dock with no place to go and were wondering where we were.  Two hours later they showed up in rock Hall and we celebrated with a tasty meal of garlic shrimp - 8 shrimps per person.  You see, they are on this "No Booze Cruise to Lose" too.  Here we are with the breadsticks which are a staple at every meal - gotta be able to crunch on something!

This minimalist eating has got to go.  Rog, Lisa and Norm savoring the skinniest breadsticks we ever saw. 

Rog and Lisa left the next day.  Guess the dosage meter had topped out.  Vicki and I could not let the lack of calories or energy stop us.  So we used all our energy to WAIT for the Pirates and Wenches Fantasy.  This was the third year for this event in Rock Hall.  Reenactors came from afar to play pirates, buccaneers and wenches.  All kinds of garb was on sale to make oneself a pirate look-a-like.  Also for sale were savory culinary treats, the smell of which sent us into epicurian depression.  Not to mention the grog!!!!  But, we survived with only minor setbacks.  We're real proud to still be alcohol-free though.

The wench from island  of Tide Hiker. (She had to put on a belt to hold up her shorts!)

And the pirate from island of Tide Hiker showing off his skeleton tatoo.

Queen Ann's Carriage

A Buccaneer from PA

A couple buxom wenches

The Rock Hall pirate encampment fire-roasting a ham.  (No, we're not fixated on food.)

The weekend included tavern sing-alongs, pirate skirmishes, Queen Anne's search for Graybeard, a decorated dinghy parade and race, beach parties, etc.

A pirate dinghy

Another pirate dinghy

Don't ask.  We don't know either!  But it was neat!  this was Graybeard's transport.

We captured one of the on-water skirmishes.   Take a look--a real blast!