Saturday, January 9, 2010

I'm Writing The Tourist Board!

Our current location:  Harborage Marina--Stuart, FL

Take a look at the ice on the transom of September Song.  (See their recent blog).  It's forcasted to be 33 degrees F tonight and a slight chance of flurries.  We want our money back.  None of the Florida travel brochures talk of this.  The convention and visitor's bureau will hear about this in a strongly worded letter!!!!
Even with the cold temps, though, there is still beauty around us....

  That is, if you're not the meal.

Poor little fishy!

So, to warm up we put our happy feet to work to 70's-80's oldies played by the DJ at Wahoo's. Of course this was after a couple happy hour 2-for-1 toddy's and a big plate of free roast beef sliders.  If we could just get further south--like Belize!

Friday, January 8, 2010

In Training for the Big Event

We have been celebrating the New Year since the 1st.  And, the celebrating is going to continue as 40 more DeFever trawlers decend on this marina within the next few days.  The DeFever Winter Rendezvous begins next Thursday night with......yes, a docktail party.  Lots more friends to get reacquainted with, lots more food and adult beverages to enjoy, lots more boats to tour, lots more seminars to attend and hopefully, lots of "show price" bargains on provisions, equipment and supplies we have been waiting to acquire.  So, only the healthy will survive this indulgence.  Wish us luck.

In the meantime we have been practicing for the big event.  Last Sunday, we decided to attend the free blues festival at the city's riverfront and tour "old Stuart".  At 1PM we were so cold that Joe Nekola (Sea Pearl) suggested we get some irish coffee.  That started it off.  Five hours and 3 bars later that day's training program was producing results.  We were "ready" for sushi.  So, 12 of us headed over to Sashi Sushi Restaurant.  Needless to say, we were famished. And the Sushi restaurant did not dissapoint us. 

Listening to Blues at the Riverfront; resting up for today's "Training Event".

Next it was Irish Coffee at Sailors Return.

Then it was Happy Hour at Wahoo's.  Norm, Stephanie, Bob, Vicki, Salty, Joe, Rosie and Julia

The whole gang admiring the Sushi Boats.  We met Greg and Karen at the marina.  They're from Michigan and cruising in their 52Ft Sea Ray.   They joined us for Sushi.

Sushi Boat One

Sushi Boat Two

On Tuesday, Steve and Di (Aurora) and Bob and Stephanie (September Song) were over for Vicki's chicken stroganoff.   A scrumptous crockpot feast with lots of laughs and, well, yes, wine.

Dinner aboard Tide Hiker.  Steve, Di, Steph, Bob, Vicki.  Steve's been doing a lot of work on Tide Hiker.

On Wednesday, it was a road trip to Ft Lauderdale.  Bob and Steph needed to go to Blue Water Books to upgrade their C-Map electronic charts and Vicki and I were invited to tag along.  After stops to replenish the wine reserves at Total Wine, some cleaning supplies and minor equipment at Sailor Sams, and Boat Owners Warehouse and lunch at Lesters Diner, we were on our way home.  We "hung" on the boat that night.

On Thursday, Dave and Penny Stormont (Stormy) arrived.  So, that called for a get-together at Park Avenue Ribs.  But, not before Pat and Chuck Berry hosted a bourbon slush cocktail hour aboard "Got da Fever". Wow, they squeezed 12 of us on their boat and the burbon slushes kept coming.  The apps that Pat made were wonderful and plentiful.  Thanks Pat and Chuck.  Again, we could have skipped dinner; but, don't forget were in training for the big event.  So, our imaginary coach insisted we stay to the regimen and have some of the best tender, tasty, baby back ribs on earth.   But folks, all was not partying.  Norm got a burst of energy earlier that day and decided to clean up the dinghy--especially now that it works again.  Yes, "Tide Hopper" got a new life today.  Take a look.

Tide Hopper.  Only the forward end remained to be cleaned when this picture was taken.  See the difference?

Tonight, its back to the training table.  The rigorous schedule begins at the marina's happy hour which is 3PM to 6PM with 2-for-one drinks and complimentary roast beef sandwiches.  Oh yea, just in case we sound like we are only flabby lushes, our training schedule also includes bike riding, boat cleaning, exercise in the marina's workout facility and nighttime reading.  Cool, huh?  More on our training later.