Friday, December 4, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come Again Another Day!

Todays route and location:
Fernandina Beach, FL (Yes, Florida!)

We're a day behind schedule.  We fueled up at Ocean Petro in Brunswick.  They are the cheapeast around.  They  serve the shrimp boats and also fuel up the recreational boats as well.  So, we get a good price.  BUT, we planned to depart the marina at 9AM, get the fuel, and depart Brusnswick at 10 AM.  BUT, the boat fueling up at the dock before us had mechanical problems and took 3 hours to get it's business done.  That put us behind the tide and could not negotiate Jeykll Creek's "skinny water" with our draft.  So, back to the marina for another night of laughs with our friends and good pizza at Fox's Pizza Restaurant.

AND, Gale never showed up!  We were very dissapointed because there were more lines on our boat than on geezer's face.  So, it took us a bit longer to untie and get under way this morning.  It was a misty, cloudy, cold run to Fernandina Beach today.  Where's the darn sun and warmth and dry and shorts and t-shirts?

Brunswick, GA is a good size port. Lots of really big ships come in here.

While departing Brunswick we sighted this sunken fishing boat.  It reminded us of the perils we face in this adventure we're on. We pray daily that we make the right decisions, develop and grow our skills and just stay safe.

You! Over there on the left.  Straighten up, suck in that belly.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Gale is coming tonight......!

After a wonderful ThanksMas with the kids and grandkids in Ohio, we set out again for points south and warmer climes. We already miss them though and wish we all could be cruising together always. Watching the younguns open Christmas gifts was a real treat. Have not seen that in a very long time. And Christine, our baby, is having a baby. She has that "glow" and looks beautiful.

Our location and route today,  12/1/09:

Brunswick, GA

Folks, meet Gale, and she's really mad!  Her picture is on the left.  She's coming tonight and by the looks of things, within about 4 hours.  This storm has been working its way east for a few days and has produced gale force winds and tornado's in Alabama. 

We arrived here yesterday late afternoon.  Our original intentions were to only go half way to an anchorage, but we got "scardy-cats" about the forecasted weather and kept on going to this marina.  We have lots of fenders and double lines out on this outside dock. 

Also, we reconnected with a couple of friends we met last year on the chesapeake and then again in New Bern.  Ed and Connie aboard S/V Surprise and Bob and Sue aboard M/V Seahorse III (also a DeFever).  We met this morning for breakfast and will see them again tonight at the Marina 'happy hour" shindig.

This is our first time in Brunswick.  It's a neat small town with the storefronts not changed from the old days.  We toured old City Hall and walked and window shopped.  We also got the remaining Christmas presents in the mail today. 

Tomorrow, it's off to an anchorage in Fernandina  Beach, if Gale leaves us in one piece.  But, not before we fill up with about 500 gallons of diesel at the cheapest place on the East Coast.  Yes, folks, we will be in Florida.  And the weather is forcasted to be very nice. Could that be an omen?  Did you hear me Gale?

Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving with the Family

Our recent route:

Colleen, daughter #1 and hubby, Brian

Katie, daughter #2 and hubby Dave

Christine, daughter #3 and hubby Joel and expected "Little Normie".  Grandma Bette in the background.

Grandsons Jacob (5) and Evan (2)

Evan showing Grandpa Norm how this toy works...........
Grandpa, Jacob and Grandma Vicki

Light show at the Columbus Zoo..

Christmas in November..........

Traditional home-baked apple pie with melted sharp cheddar cheese and french vanilla ice cream...