Monday, November 15, 2010

Dedicated to "Pete"-our most loyal blog reader!!!!!

Good morning everyone.  Again, we've been remis at keeping up the blog.  We've been very busy "movin South" to warmer weather and continuing our "connect and reconnect" theme.   Unlike previous years, we're one month ahead and slowing down to visit places we have not been before.  It's very easy to cruise the same legs as previous years; docking or anchoring in known places.  (And there is some advantage to that.)  But, we decided to take in different places and learn more about this fantastic East Coast, USA.

Here's our cruise line from Fernandina Beach--our last posting.  Don't forget you can zoom in or out to see our route in more or less detail.    But first you need to click on the following link:

Fernandina Beach Fl -to- Marathon, FL (Keys)                           
We're dedicating this blog to Pete, our most loyal blog reader.  Pete is a neighbor of our friends Wally and Karen in Ormond Beach, FL.  We met Pete for the first time this trip, but we've talked over the phone once.  Pete keeps Wally and Karen informed as to our progress and describes our adventure as "better than any TV reality show and soap opera rolled up into one".  Here's to you Pete. It was awesome to finally meet you and we hope we don't disappoint you at the Hollywood Soap Opera Awards.

Before we got to Ormond Beach to visit Wally, Karen and Pete, we stopped in St Augustine for a couple of days.  We toured the Flagler College, which used to be the Flagler Hotel.  How would you like to attend this school?  By the way, the cost of this libera arts school is quite reasonable for a private university.

Main atrium in the "used to be" lobby.

Entrance to the student's areas.

Student's dining room

Wally and Karen in their Ormond Beach Home

Wally, Karen, Vicki and Norm at the "Club" for breakfast

And, here'ssssssssssssssssss PETE!!!!  Pete restores old cars.  One of his Corvette's in the background

Wally and Norm on Wally's Hog.  Norm did not have the customary "leathers" and had to ride without.  Pete called Norm Wally's "biker babe" with that leg shot!!

We had fun reconnecting with Todd and Brenda (Life's 2 Short) and Doug (Gypsies in the Palace) in Cocoa, FL.  Notice Doug's pony tail is gone.  Yep, he's a wo, wo - stiff.   Unfortunately, Tammy who is now a wo, wo, wo---(I just can't say it)--stiff too, had to wo, wo late and could not join us.  We'll see Tammy and Doug again this weekend in Marathon/Key West.  Can't wait.
Well folks, you're up to date now.  We're lying comfortably here in Marathon with good friends Bob and Stephanie (September Song).  We're getting lots of work done on the boat that was waiting till be landed for a few weeks.  Norm's already ready to get goin again.  In the meantime, family and friends, we're open for visitors.  Be here or be square.