Thursday, November 12, 2009

IDA's Rath Is Upon Us.

Today's location:  See our progress from Southport, NC to N Myrtle Beach, SC.  Just click on this link below.,-78.377838&spn=0.66971,1.668549&z=10&msid=109668809482238190310.0004782d9fe5b30b36828

Our cruise today was 40 miles in rain, cold and high winds.  The Intracoastal Waterway was the place to be and we were nicely protected most of the way.  Only felt IDA's high winds in early afternoon as we passed open inlets.  We'll  stay "hunkered down" here for another day due to continuing gnarly weather.

Passed this sport fishing cruiser.  This guy had a bad day!  From the looks of the water stains we think she may have been lying ther for a while.  We try to avoid these types of docking situations.  Hard to sleep on such an angle.

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