Thursday, March 10, 2011


This has been a wonderful cruise up the west coast of Florida.  Especially because we have been able to reconnect with good friends.  While in Marco Island, we had a couple of great evenings with Ted and Peggy Reese.  Ted and Norm worked together as captains delivering Sea Ray yachts on the Chesapeake.  Ted still does this, but only in the summer.  In the winters, he and Peggy are relaxing in their winter home in Marco.  We had two dinners together, one on Tide Hiker and the other at Ted and Peggys home.  While there, we met Ted's sister and her husband.  We had a great evening.

Ted and Peggy Reese and Norm

Who'd-A-Thunk (The old gang from Summit North Marina in Delaware)

After a day in Naples, we cruised on up to Ft Myers, FL.  There, we hooked up with our friends Roger and Lisa Cicconi and Mike and Fran Kumbier.  The Cicconi's and the Kumbier's were dock neighbors back in Delaware.  One and a half years ago, we would never have thought that we three couples would be meeting up again in Florida. 

When she can, Vicki has been practicing Yoga.  Here she is demonstrating a Pair Yoga move with Lisa.  Needless, to say, a fun time for all.  We got caught up with Mike and Fran's lives since they moved to Ft Myers and.....Roger and Lisa will be moving here too.  It'll  was old home week!!

Speaking of fun, lunch alfresco downtown, a walking tour of downtown drinking establishments and dinner (way too late) at Joe's Crab Shack in Ft Myers was a blast.  Here, Rog and Lisa are trying to avoid a bad night. They survived!!

Here's our cruise route from Marco Island.  Just click on the following link: