Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turkey and Dancing with the Tierneys

Today’s voyage is a short one from Oriental NC to Bock Marine near Beaufort NC. Tide Hiker will be hauled there to have her bottom painted. Because the boatyard is closed over the Thanksgiving holiday and weekend, the work will not be completed until sometime early next week. This gives us a great excuse to visit Rick and Lynnie at their home in Cary NC near Raleigh. Their boat is near the boatyard where Tide Hiker will stay. Rick is on his boat now getting ready to go cruising south with us. Later today Rick will pick us up (by car) and we’ll drive to Cary. It’ll be fun to be landlubbers again for a while.

We could have traveled to the boat yard yesterday, but they don’t have cable TV hook up, so there was no guarantee that Vicki could watch the finals of “Dancing with the Stars”. Definitely ‘must-see TV’ for Vicki. She called several marinas in Oriental before finding one that had cable hook-up. We paid a quarter more per foot to stay there. Was it worth it? Oh, yes! Last week, we were at Washburn’s boat yard in Annapolis on Monday – oh, no! they didn’t have cable hook-up. We used their courtesy truck to drive to the nearby Hilton Garden Inn and watched the dancing on the big screen TV in the lobby. Crisis averted! Tonight is the final dance of competition and the winner is announced, so we’re hoping that Rick and Lynnie get good reception!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ice on Deck

The prime rib and fried chicken were delicious as was the chocolate toffee cake. We're living high on the hog in North Carolina. Today is a 10-hour trip to Belhaven. Ice on the boat deck this morning. Norm said the eisenglas on the bridge was covered with frost. Brrrr!