Friday, June 26, 2009


We had to wait out a couple more days of strong squalls in Reedville, VA, after which, we bee-lined for Solomons and Washburn's Boat Yard. Chris Washburn squeezed us on a face dock even though they were quite full. Eric, the General Foreman, had his crew on our windless at 8:00 AM the following morning. It took them almost 4 hours to remove the gear box from under the foredeck. I am sure that put a crimp in their busy schedules so we are very appreciative of the quick service.

Within an hour after the windless was removed, and the hole was weatherproofed, we skedaddled north 4 hours to Harrington Harbour South, on Herring Bay. We went there for two reasons. First, to shorten the next, long and last day's cruise to our home port. Second, we've never been to Harrington Harbor and wanted to see the place that has been rated so high in the cruise guides. Herrington Harbor is a huge marina. In fact, there are two--one North and one South. The southern one is a resort and the northern one is a boat yard. The resort was just that--swimming pool, tiki bar, hotel, gift shops, etc. Very nice with very nice people in charge. Next time we'll check out the northern one.

On Wednesday evening, after a long 11 hour cruise, unfortunately against the wind and currents all day, we arrived Summit North Marina, Bear, DE. Chris, the marina manager arranged a slip for us on our old Dock B. Most of our friends were on the dock to welcome us home. We laughed, swapped sea stories, blew conch horns and partied till the wee hours of the evening--11 PM for us geezers.

This may be our last blog update for a while. After a couple days here getting the boat cleaned up and secure, perishable food eaten and more homecoming parties, we're off to see family and old friends in Milwaukee, WI, Youngstown, OH and Pittsburgh, PA. We're planning to return to Tide Hiker on July 13. Then, after our annual medical checkups we'll begin our summer cruise of the lower Chesapeake and the Potomac River; and, our southern trek to the west coast of Florida before the snow flies. We'll restart our regular blog updates then.

We hope you all have a great Independence Day. Isn't it great to be in America!