Monday, January 31, 2011

Ho Hum, it's still 75F and sunny............

We're still here in the Keys--till March 1 or thereabouts.  We're still getting lots of projects done on the boat--spiffing her up a bit, catching mangrove snapper (hmmmmm), attending festivals and just enjoying the weather.  We know what our family and friends are putting up with up north and wish they would come visit and get away from the cold for a spell.  One not so great item--Vicki had to have a skin graft from the roof of her mouth to her lower front gum.  The graft is healing nicely though and the stitches come out today.  It was a bit painful for a while.  Fortunately, we have GREAT MEDS!!  She's putting her new insurance plan to good use.  Dan and Maryann invited us over to their home to watch the Packers and Pittsburgh take the championships.  Norm was in a dilemma for a while.  While he's a Packer fan, he was also born and raised in Pittsburgh.  Oh, the tribulations one has to endure.  He made his choice the other day, though.  He bet his sister one dollar and picked the Packers.  (Shhhhh, don't tell anyone in Pittsburgh).

Here is a reminder of where we are located. Just click on the following link.

Here's a sample of the Sombrero Traditional Music Festival we attended yesterday.  They had knee-slappin cajun, tex/mex, keys folk and bluegrass. Cold beer, on a sunny, 75-degree day was just perfect.  Did I say it was a nice day?