Thursday, November 19, 2009

Church Services in Charleston, SC

Our route and new location:,-79.62616&spn=0.675636,1.668549&t=h&z=10&msid=102224145462847302635.000478a80d5a97235b5c2

We are piously attentive in church.  Actually, the Mud River Bar and Grille was converted from an old church.  So, Doug, Tammy, Vicki and Norm conducted services there.  Beer tasting services, that is.
The treat of the visit to Charleston was meeting up with Bart and Ellie Franey.  Two lunches, one at the Noisy Oyster; and, one at the Reel Grille at Barts marina were awesome.  Bart also schlept us around to West Marine and to the Post Office to get Christmas packages sent.  (We're celebrating Christmas on Thanksgiving at Norm's daughter's home in Columbus, OH.  The whole family will be there.

That's Bart in between Vicki and Tammy.  Bart was the ultimate port captain and a great guy.  Thanks Bart. 

Of course this blog entry would not be complete without mentioning Reggie, Barts Dog.  Reggie would greet us with a slow bark and crying bellow every time.  Wonderful pup!

This marina, "Charleston Maritime Center Marina" was the most convenient to downtown and the historic center.  BUT, it was the most rolly polly dock we have ever been at.  As you can see, our boats are directly abeam of the entrance to a "WORKING HARBOR" as the dockmaster puts it.  Vicki had to get off the boat yesterday afternoon because she was getting sea-sick at the dock.  Too bad, it's a great little marina with a great staff running it. 

We departed Charleston this morning at the crack of dawn in order to catch the right tide at Fields Cut down the waterway.  Need to make passage there on half tide or better.

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