Monday, April 13, 2009

We're in the Exumas! (REVISED W/PICS!)

We're now at (you can't make this up) Norman's Cay (pronounced 'key'). Got the photo today of Norm next to the sign saying 'Welcome to Norman's Cay'. Today was our second beach day on white sand and crystal blue warm water. When we've been on vacation in such spots, we can remember saying, I could stay here forever.... and now we can. It's pretty spectacular. We've seen rays, starfish and, thankfully, no sharks. Vicki is hoping that her fear of sharks subsides. She took at 30-minute swim today - all within about 5 feet of shore!
Our first destination in the Exumas was Allen's Cay. We were at a wonderful anchorage and FINALLY got reconnected with our buddies Gypsies in the Palace and September Song. Immediately upon arrival, our buddies offered to Dink over to Tide Hiker and Rickshaw and take us on a tour of the surrounding islands so we would not have to take our Dinks down. Take a look at the Iguana's coming out of the bush on this close island. One was especially hungry. We're not supposed to feed them, so we did not. After the tour, we took a swim to cool down (sorry you snowbirds), to check the boat bottom and our anchor. Look at the anchor line--the water is "gin clean" and we can see the bottom for a long distance. This was followed by lasagna cooked by Colleen and wonderful other goodies prepared by Bob & Stephanie and Doug and Tammy--all aboard September Song. Wow, what a homecoming treat.

Next we went to Norman's Cay. We are in our third anchorage here due to winds. We have been trying to get alee of the winds and have finallly succeeded somewhat. The treat on this Cay is McDuffs Bar and Grille. They offer WiFi and that is how we are sending this blog. Mc Duff's is right next to an airstrip so they get many patrons from the air. It's a bit rustic--take a look athe the restroom facilities. Of course, we had to celebrate our arrival to Norman's which was about 10 miles from Allen's with a party. Gypsies did catch a Mahi Mahi along the route here and shared it with us all. And, we met Todd and Brenda aboard "Life's 2 Short". Todd had some fish in the freezer and also shared. Doug grilled up the fish and with all the other food brought by everyone--a feast!!

The next day we decided to picnic on the beach. So, we all headed to a small, desolate, white sandy beach not too far away. This time Vicki and Lynnie provided the entre's and everyone else brought something to pass. Another feast!! We are surely eating well on this cruise. But more importantly, we don't run out of laughs.

Norm is suffering a bit from a pulled muscle in his back and is on "good drugs", rest, heat pads and Kalik beer ( a Bahamian brew). He is improving daily. We went on a private time adventure and beached it. Here's Vicki looking at a starfish through the Lookie Bucket. What a nice day--just relaxing on the beach to let Norm's back heal. Paradise!!