Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lap of Luxury!

We're still docked at Kingsmill Resort on the James River. The great deal the dockmaster gave us has really worked out as Norm continues to nurse a nasty cold. Here's a couple of shots from the Resort. Here's Tide Hiker next to the the sea wall that isn't. The navy Ghost Fleet is in the far background. And some beautiful golf courses. $160 per round in the season.

Vicki is usually ready to leave a marina at a moment's notice. But she suggested to Norm this morning "Let's not leave today, or tomorrow if your not feeling any better". Then, before Norm answered she donned her work-out clothes and hustled to the 0900 pilate's class followed by a latte and a copy of the Sunday New York Times. Later we'll go to the Sunday Morning Brunch at the Bray Restaurant. Yesterday, Vicki took the free shuttle to Colonial Williamsburg and the chocolate shop there. Norm, on the other hand is drinking plenty of water, getting plenty of rest and Theraflu drugs. Do you get my drift here?

The trees are beginning to turn now. A few days up the Chickahominy River should be breathtaking. Then, we will turn the pointy end south and hope to beat the snow flakes.
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