Saturday, October 17, 2009

Give us heat!

We're at Portsmouth Boating Center for the night. We were going to try the free city dock here, but read a posting on Active Captain that the water was over the dock at high tide and since the new moon is raising tide levels a foot above normal, decided to forego the free dock. Glad we did because it's a night that demands heat - cloudy all day, threatening rain, windy and in the mid-50's, in the 40's tonight. So, it's good to be plugged in!

Kingsmill was fabulous. Too bad Norm was sick and couldn't take advantage of it much. The outstanding marina manager, David, gave us a half-price "sick" discount, so we paid $55/day. Wow! Unfortunately, Norm is still under-the-weather, but his sinus infection is gone. We need some sunshine and warm weather to really cure him. On to Coinjock tomorrow for the famous prime rib - maybe that will do it!

Our new location today. Just as a reminder here are some hints on how to find us:

Just click on the link below. It will take you to Google Maps and a "balloon" will mark our exact GPS location. Sometimes the map shows up too close and sometimes too far. So, just use the zoom (+) and (-) buttons on the left side to zoom in or out as necessary. We like to zoom out to see where we are in a bigger picture. Also, sometimes the screen shows up as a "MAP" view and sometimes as a "SATELLITE" view. We like the satellite view best, but both are good.

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