Friday, October 16, 2009

Quiet Day (Revised w/picture)

Thursday, Oct 15:
Quiet day today. Overcast and cold - in the 50's. The perfect day for Vicki to start online applications for health insurance. She spent 4 hours applying on the AARP site - just a few more details to secure from doctors before submitting. Then applications to one or two more providers.

Norm is feeling marginally better. He took a walk today and brought back carrot cake for dessert. Yum!

Friday, Oct 16:
Still overcast and cold. Our heat has been on for a few days so we're comfy inside. The water is calm here but Norfolk is predicted to have 4-5 footers. Seas are supposed to lay down a bit tomorrow so we're planning to head to Portsmouth early PM on the falling tide. Norm is feeling a lot better each day--the drugs are working and this rest stop was very beneficial.

This eagle arrived yesterday and took a rest stop here too on the pylon close to Tide Hiker. Cool, huh?

We have a new moon on October 18, but we're already seeing the affects. Remember the "sea wall that isn't"? Here's another shot of it at high tide two days before the new moon.

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