Friday, October 9, 2009

Sick of Bouncing, or The Sea Wall That Wasn't

Vicki writes...
We're at the marina at Kingsmill Resort on the James River near Williamsburg. Norm developed a nasty cold, so we're chilling out here for a bit to rest. This is one of my favorite places --I did a Pilate's class in the fitness center this morning and Norm and I watched a tennis tournament at the Tennis Center this afternoon. We're doing the seafood buffet this evening.

The boat is bouncing like crazy. The 15-20 kt. wind is bouncing us against the dock. We were up at 4 a.m. last night rearranging fenders. Today we borrowed a couple more from the dock master. I'm getting seasick as I sit here writing, so gotta get off the boat for awhile. Sea sickness pill tonight before bedtime. Don't want two sickies on board.

Norm writes....
Actually, we discovered that the sea wall isn't really a sea wall, it's a sea comb. Pylons with spaces between them for the wave surge to come through. So, we were hit by the wind and the surge. The extra fenders loaned to us by David, the Dockmaster, were a life-saver or in this case, a hull-saver.
It's Saturday morning now. The winds have laid down for the time being and they have clocked around to the NW, so we are now being blown off the dock. Much nicer!! But, we'll leave all the fenders in place till we leave in case the winds decide to throw another unforecasted gale our way. Then, it's off to the marine store for those huge collapsible (easy to store) blowup fenders we've been talking about for a while.

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