Monday, October 12, 2009

The Heat is On!

Norm tried to take a nap this afternoon and was chilly, so he turned on the heat. At 5pm it was 56 degrees - time to head south. When Norm's cold is on the wane and the weather permits, we'll be heading south. The Chickahominy River will wait for another time - sorry we'll miss it, but it's good to have cruising desinations yet to be had. We toyed with the idea of leaving for the Chick today, but after Norm did the steam room and whirlpool "detox" at the fitness center, he was wiped. Better to stay here a few more days to continue the recuperation.

Vicki spent this cloudy, chilly afternoon at the coffee shop at Kingmill know as The Mill. She's preparing to buy health insurance because COBRA runs out at the end of the year. She spent the afternoon crunching numbers to figure out which of AARP's and Golden Rule's insurance plans would be best for her needs. The next step is to apply online. There are supposed to be more cloudy days in the next week which will be perfect for the drugery of completing the online health insurance applications.

Dancing with the Stars is a possibility tonite. The golf club bar has two televisions. Perhaps one could be tuned to ABC instead of Monday night football? We'll let you know on the next blog.

Unfortunately, we had to move to the inside of the dock to make room for an 80-footer coming in tomorrow. See our new location: click on the following link. This is going to be new to some of you so some instructions. Just click on the link below. When Google Maps comes up you can use the zoom feature (+ and - buttons on the left) to zoom in or out. If you zoom out you will see where we are in a bigger picture.,-76.662716&spn=0.000627,0.001629&t=h&z=20&msid=102224145462847302635.000475c460b17aeec8dfc

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