Thursday, July 10, 2008

Surprising Things About Maine, and more...........

Surprising things about Maine....

The Wild Maine Blueberry is tiny – about a fifth the size of a Michigan blueberry which, itself is a pretty small fruit. The ones we’ve sampled are not that sweet and the pie we sampled was not that sweet. They grow everywhere like a weed along side the road, in the national park, everywhere. So, there’s plentiful opportunities to have yourself a blueberry feast, but they’re so small that it would probably take a few hours to pick enough to make a pie which would explain why the pie is so expensive, but also raises the question of who is picking the berries that go into the ubiquitous blueberry foods up here (pancakes, muffins, pies, cobbler and martinis!) -- Norm has a theory that the Wild Maine Blueberry is actually farmed – blasphemy! … domesticated berry could not be a “Wild” Maine Blueberry – and it is always, always referred to as a “Wild” Maine Blueberry, never just a plain old Maine blueberry. We’ll get to the bottom of this yet.

There are 700 moose-car collisions in Maine annually. Since we haven’t actually seen a moose yet, dead or alive, there’s some suspicion about that statistic. Norm has a theory for this, too. He suspects that there is only one moose in Maine, owned by the state bureau of tourism and they trot him out, then bandage him up, and trot him out again to support the notion that there are lots of moose here. (Don’t think about it too hard, it’s kind of icky.) Norm has revised his theory a bit and now believes that there could be more than one moose – each town chamber of commerce may have one to boost tourism. Based on our microcosm of consumer behavior, it’s working. Our first stop (after the hair salon) was the ‘Cool as a Moose’ store. No t-shirts or sweatshirts yet, but we’ll be back.

The Bar Harbor harbor was too unprotected from the strong winds and waves that had kicked up--the boat was rocking and rolling uncomfortably on the mooring. Look what we saw on our way out. Royal Caribbean and other liners cruise up here during the southern hurricane season. (We gotta get a bigger boat!!!)
We cruised around the corner to Northeast Harbor this morning. Northeast Harbor is a hurricane hole - very calm. We're still in Acadia National Park. Took another lovely hike this afternoon.

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