Monday, July 7, 2008

Mechanical Update

Today we tried to determine the fate of our Port Engine. Norm and the mechanic from Hinckley replaced the sea water pump impeller, searched out all fragmented parts of the impeller in the oil cooler, refilled the coolant and checked all hose clamps. DaDaDaDa. We started the engine and it ran fine after some initial "whining". Water flowing good, but seemed somewhat slower when compared to the starboard engine. Ran the engine for over an hour and all went well. But, could not get her up to operating temperature at the dock.

After consulting with the Lehman engine experts at American Diesel in VA, we decided to postpone our crossing to Nova Scotia. The real test will be to operate the engine under a load for a good couple of days; and, coastal cruising will be the safest way to do that. So, we will meander on the Maine coast for a while to determine the real health of the port engine. Then, if all goes well, we will pick a day to cross the Gulf of Maine. Wish us luck!!

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