Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mechanical Update 3

Warning, do not do this at home!! The contents of this blog entry will be the equivalent of an overdose of brownbag vino to the mechanically uninterested reader; but, will propel engine-maniacs to new highs never before experienced!!

Where was I? Oh yea, we installed the new (rebuilt) muffler and hose today. Then we turned on the engine and weeeee, worked...................except that the water flow out the exhaust was still restricted. DARN! The mechanic said "it looks different from the starboard engine, but I think it's ok." Norm told him that it's not ok and that the oil cooler, engine heat exchanger and transmission oil cooler must be removed and inspected. He suggested that yesterday, but the mechanic did not think it was necessary. Today he was insistent! He and the mechanic removed the parts and..............presto!................lo and behold the oil cooler was filled with parts of the neoprene fins of the impeller that disintegrated when the engine overheated. Norm asked the mechanic to complete a muratic acid cleaning on all three coolers. That's where we are today--waiting for the acid cleaning. We're scheduled to have the clean parts reinstalled tomorrow AM.

Meanwhile, yesterday afternoon we decided to do some hiking during the pause in repairs. We hiked to the top of Acadia Mountain in Acadia National Park. Now let me digress here....Vicki knew that when Norm purchased the lifetime national park seniors pass card for a whooping $10, that he was allowed to take three guests with him. So, that's why she married him!! Back to the story..........

The picture on the left is Southwest Harbor, ME. This is a great place to be "stuck". The picture in the middle is us, we, both....whatever! We are at the top of Acadia mountain. It was a lot of steep climbing but well worth the effort. Lots of great views of the Maine coast and Somes Sound, the only Fjord in North America. We plan to cruise up and anchor there when done with our repairs.

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