Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bring on the Moose!

Hi all. We're back in Southwest Harbor where the connectivity is spotty, so blogs may be periodic instead of regularly posted here. Posting this from the internet cafe and ice cream shop -- trrrryyyyying to resist the sweets.

We're back in Southwest Harbor for repairs at Hinckley Marine Services. Norm detected a leak from the rebuilt muffler and the stabilizer oil leak he has been watching has gotten worse. So, here we are again. A lovely place to be waiting for repairs. The hiking bus stop is just a piece up the road and we'll take advantage of the fabulous Acadia National Park - still looking for the one moose on the island! Actually - and this is too funny - we were asking the harbor master where to go to see moose and one of the locals told us that there is only one moose on the island - verifying Norm's theory - I kid you not - we couldn't make this up!

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