Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hiking the Smokies with Friends

We were treated by Mike and Peg Wilson our friends and neighbors from Wilmington, DE. They had a Wyndham time-share in Sevierville, TN, just a short distance from Gatlinburg and the entrance to the Great Smoky Mountains. So, it was 3 days of hiking the Smokies with them. They also brought their daughter-in-law, Thum and grandson Jack. Son, Joel is deployed in Korea. Thum and Jack did not hike, but instead enjoyed the pool and amenities at the Wyndham. 
Vicki Boon, Peg Boon and Mike Boon ready to go hunt bear.
Actually, on one of the trails we ran into another couple heading back to the trail head.  They saw a bear and were frightened.  Vicki and Peg wanted to go back too, but Mike and Norm talked them into continuing.  Well, we never saw and BAR and the hike was great, trekking up to a great waterfall.  Of course Mike and Norm had to endure listening to songs and childhood fairy tales and whistling loud all along the way.  Peg and Vicki wanted to "scare" the bear.
Vicki just showing off on one of the creek crossings. Peg saying "get a move on Vicki--we have a long way to go". 

Norm and Vicki at the waterfall

Mike, Norm and Vicki at the waterfall

No bear, but we did see this deer at pretty close range.

An exhausted group of hikers back at the trail head
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