Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Little Tennessee River

We said goodbye to our new friends at the Ft Loudoun Yacht Club and got underway for our next destination--The Little Tennessee River. After a short cruise retracing our track back to the Ft Loudon Marina and refueling, we headed over to the Little Tennessee River and to Tellico Lake. We have posted here that the Tennessee River has been some of the most awesome cruising we have ever done, the LTR is even better. The river is lined on both sides by carpets of trees up steep hills. The river winds through picturesque canyons and meanders around small islands.
Our first stop was at the actual Fort Loudoun-a restored British outpost in the mid 1700's. We were in settled weather, so we anchored just off the peninsula where the Fort stood. We were in luck. They were holding the annual Ft Loudoun Faire this weekend. So we were able to walk through the fort and settlement that was bustling with reenactors. Great fun, which included magicians, tumblers, minstrels and Red Coat and militia soldiers. 

The fort and settlement as seen from our anchorage

Vicki entering the "Sally Port" to the fort.  A sally port is a small entrance.

Life in the fort (or lifeless in the fort?)

Red Coats at morning muster (actually the Faire's opening ceremony)

The traveling fire-eating, needle-swallowing, singing magician.

The "Begger Boys" traveling musicians

Inside the fort looking out over the not-so-Little Tennessee River

The Red Coats and Militia in formation entering the fort's main gates.

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