Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Little Tennessee River, Part II

As luck would have it, the Sequoyah Birthplace Museum, located a short distance from Fort Loudoun, was holding its annual celebration.  Sequoyah, was a Cherokee who was pushed out of the tribe for being partially disabled and thought to be a bit "slow".  Well, it turned out that he was brilliant, and invented the Cherokee Nation's first alphabet.  His legacy is memorialized every year and it just so happened to be occuring when we were there.  In the video above, Vicki was invited to enjoy the Bear dance with local Native Americans.  Norm's ("One Who Shines On Top") little squaw ("Dancing Bear") did pretty good!!

We departed Fort Loudoun and continued upstream on Tellico Lake close to the last dam on the river.  We anchored in a great place with a great view of the smokies and "painted" (weathered) bluffs.  Up here on the Tellico, there is a volunteer boating assistance program.  We can call 911 and get help if needed.  Here's one of their signs.

Boaters answer to the 911 emergency call

There's a motorcycle route that only motorcyclists are aware of.  It's called the "Dragon" and we stumbled onto it while dinghy-ing up to the dam.  Yes, you see a Harley Davidson store right out here in the middle of nowhere. (Skimpy T-shirts are $30.  Vicki would not let Norm buy her a dozen.)  Actually, the river parallels U.S. Highway 129, which is were the Dragon runs.

Here's Tide Hiker anchored on the Little Tennessee River, with the Smokies in the background. 

And the painted bluffs on the other side.

Moonrise over our Little Tennessee River anchorage

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