Saturday, March 27, 2010

California to Arizona to Florida.....then to Wisconsin! Wow!

Our recent travels from Tampa and return via the Panama Canal.  Just click on this link:

Last Saturday, we flew from San Diego to Tucson, AZ.  We planned to stop in Tucson to visit Vicki's Mom, Avie, and Norm's cousin, Frank.  Avie is in the process of moving from her home of 20+ years to an apartment in a senior living community.  The change has been difficult but everything is falling nicely into place.  Avie will have an almost new custom and expanded apartment with great views of the Santa Catalina mountains.  Still plenty to do, of course, with the real estate closing, moving, estate sales, etc.  And, Vicki will be making another trip to Tucson in April/May for 6-weeks to assist with all of that.

In the meantime we all needed a break.  So, we met with Norm's cousin Frank Naughton and his wife Claudia for dinner one night.  We had lots of laughs, great adult beverages and tasty food.  Thanks Frank and Claudia for visiting with us.

Frank, Claudia, Avie, Vicki, Norm

Well, it was time to continue our journey back to our own boat/home.  So, an early flight out of Tucson got us into Tampa early evening.  Found Tide Hiker in need of a bath, but in great shape.  Spring is here and the trees are budding and everything's "greening up".  It's beautiful here and we're very grateful to Ron and Charma for allowing us to dock here.

We're now doing haircuts, exercise, diets, laundry, dry cleaning, catching up with friends and mail and preparing for our next trip to Milwaukee to meet our new granddaughter, Joyce, and the rest of the family.  We're really excited!!

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