Thursday, March 25, 2010

Summary--Park City, UT

This is Part 1 of a 2-Part Blog update. Be sure to check out Part 2 immedialtely after this entry.

Arrived Park City on time.  Found balmy weather in Salt Lake City, but colder and snowy weather in the mountains--duh!!  Actually, the snow was perfect on top.  In the two weeks there, we rode (snowboarded) Park City, Canyons (previously called Park West), and Brighton mountians.  Also wanted Alta and Deer Valley, but those snobs don't permit snowboards.  All ok though.  We had plenty of vertical terrain to cover.

Walk to Condo
We had a good walk to the condo--up and down steps and around other buildings, then up to the second floor--a bit of a struggle with large board bags, heavy suitcases and thin air.  We slep at about 7,000 ft and boarded at about 9-10,000 ft.  Unfortunately, Vicki was sick with bronchitisfor the first week. Norm had to go it alone the first day. He said it was better that he was alone because regaining his shreding legs after three years was not a pretty picture. Our buddy, John, arrived on Wednesday.  While not completely well, Vicki did feel a bit better.

Luge-Bobsled Track
She felt good enough to visit the Utah Olympic Park.  This was the site of the 2002 Olympic Nordic Ski Jump, Bobsled, Luge and Skeleton events.  We hopped on a bus at the visitor's center and they took us up to the top.  We could see how it looks to the olympians.

John, Norm and Vicki in the 4-man Bobsled

Vicki on the Skeleton sled.  Oops, no snow!

Norm, the guy on the bottom, on the Luge sled.

Atop the Luge track.

Atop the Ski Jump.  Scaaaarrrrryyyyyy!

Norm and John had two great ski days--Thursday and Friday.  So, they were able to size up the runs for Vicki's later entry into the fun.  Vicki took it easy and was on the mend.
This Halfpipe Was Calling to Us.  Right!

Norm and John ready to board the Gondola.

And, they're off.......

As was said, the skiing was spectacular.  Some new snow on top of a deep base was their perfect couple of days--no serious falls, good food in the on-mountain restaurants and great apre skiing activities.  Unfortunately, John only had two days to be with us.  He left on Saturday and Colleen (daughter) and Brian (son-in-law) arrived later on Saturday.  They timed their flights so that Norm only had to make one trip to the airport for both drop off and pick up. 

Vicki was finally feeling much better and ready to ski.  We all shredded Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday.  Colleen and Vicki took off  Tuesday; and, we all took off Wednesday to shop and regain our energy.

Norm, Colleen and Brian--the Shredding Trio
Colleen, Vicki and Norm at the Summit

Colleen and Brian traversing to the next lift

Vicki and Norm taking a rest on the hill

On Wednesday, Brian told us to dress up for dinner because he and Colleen were going to treat us to a KFC feast--reservations were for 6 PM.  Vicki and Norm were scratching their heads--KFC?  Oh well, no matter where; and, we like the Colonel's food.  But, they took us to Ruth Chris' Steaks.  We had a feast all right--great family, great wine, great steaks--it doesn't get any better than this!  Someone pinch me!

BTW, this is as dressed up as we get on the slopes.

Thanks Brian and Colleen for a lovely evening with you two. 

Well, it's back to the slopes tomorrow.  Colleen and Vicki rested for two days. Norm is on his sixth day--over fed and beveraged, only one rest day.  Needless to say, he was a bit more tentative on the board these last two days.  Of course, Brian is still fresh-- DAM YOUTH!!! 

Brian in the lodge overlooking the whiteout

Then, the whiteout arrived.  We got a 8-12 inch dump of snow.  NOW THIS IS WHAT WE PAY ALL THIS MONEY FOR.  Perfect conditions.  The sun is out, the breeze is light.  We're cruising over new snow. The quiet, serene landscape whizzes by at high speed.  The snow is riding up over our shins and flurries are sprinkling our goggles.  The terrain is uncrowded and just the right steepness for our skill level.  The exhileration is almost too much.  Who cares if we're tired.  It just doesn't get any better than this.  Have we said that before?

Boards at rest

All good things must come to an end.  Of Friday at 4 PM, we closed the lifts and headed back to the condo for our last night together.  Colleen and Brian turely added spark and fun to our second week at the slopes.  Sorry to see them go.  We're still here another day, but can't ride any more--We're both pooped and have to rest up for our next big adventure--believe it or not--a 2-week Panama Canal Cruise aboard the ms Maasdam.  Our next blog--check it out!!

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