Thursday, April 8, 2010

Meet Joyce........

What a great trip to Milwaukee. On our first night there, we met and got to know Joyce, our little 4-week young grand-miracle. We also got reacquainted with Jake and Evan, our 6-year and 3-year young grand-miracles. And, we had great visits with Chris and Katie our 30-something miracles; Joel and Dave, our 30-something miracles-in law; and, Russ, Chris's father miracle-in-law. We very much missed Colleen, our other 30-something miracle and Brian, our other 30-sometning miracle-in-law. 

Joyce Evelyn Duris--Only Hours Old

Grandma Vicki and Joyce

Grandpa Norm and Joyce

Mom, holding Joyce and Aunt Katie

Future "Dancing with the Stars" Equipment

We dined on great food and many adult beverages.  In fact, our grandson, Chez Evan prepared the entire meal that night.  Look--
Chez Evan, proud of his cooking.

On Friday, Vicki's niece, Rachel and nephew, Alex visited with us. They drove up from Rockford, IL, Vicki's home town too. We had a great visit with them.  We all went  to the local ice arena.  Unfortunately, the only pictures we took of Rachel and Alex were videos on the ice rink which this new blog format will not permit.

Jake, who scored 7 goals in his latest hockey game

Evan made his debut skating try but preferred instead to tire out Grandpa Norm in the arcade

Vicki and Norm met with their friends Cindy and Steve Warner for dinner on Saturday night.  Cindy and Vicki worked together at Miller for many years.

Norm, Vicki, Steve, Cindy

On Easter Sunday, we all met up for an early dinner at a local restaurant.  Unfortunately, Dave, Jake and Evan left earlier that day for home up in central Wisconsin.

Of course we had to visit with the Easter Bunny too.

Russ (Joel's dad), Katie, Norm, Chris, Margaret (Jerrod's girl friend), Jerrod (Joel's brother), Joel, Virginia (Joel's mom), Vicki

On Monday, we once again went over to Chris and Joel's.  Vicki spent the entire day cooking up meals for our new mom and dad.  Norm made three trips to the grocery store and kept the cooking utensiles clean for the next batch of meals.  It was quite a production.  Vicki cooked and froze over 30 meals for them so they would not have to worry about cooking while adapting to life with a new baby.  So, Joel rewarded us by grilling up some bison-burgers and sausage for dinner.

Chris and Joel and Joyce--bye for now!

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