Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fishathon (Revised with Photos)

Spent the last two nights anchored behind Berkeley Island on the Piankatank River. Beautiful, peaceful.

Yesterday was our first fishing trip in the dinghy. The locals said we could catch Spot and Croaker on the bottom - both good eating fish. So, we thawed out the squid, loaded up the dinghy and off we went to drift over the oyster beds as was recommended by the locals. Vicki landed the first hungry diner within 10 minutes- a little croaker - 8-10 inches, not big enough for dinner, so it was released. Norm followed soon after, catching what might have been the same little croaker. Vicki caught one more - yes, probably the same determined fish. We tried three other locations - no more fish, but Norm did pull up two little crabs munching on his squid. We were out for about three hours on a lovely fall day with the leaves just starting to turn color.

It's going to be really windy tomorrow with higher wave heights for the rest of the week, so we decided to skip Mobjack Bay - we didn't want to get pinned down there for long. We're headed for the Hampton Town Piers. Then on to the Chickahominy River up the James.

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