Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We're really almost there, mom!!

Today, we made a quick, short cruise to Falmouth Forside, ME, just a few miles north of Portland. We're expecting rain and thunderstorms tomorrow, so wanted to be close, not to miss mom. We're moored at the Portland Yacht Club mooring field. This is one of the best mooring fields we've been in. Big mooring balls, spaced nicely. However, the painter lines are 2-inchs thick and Vicki asked Norm for help. Upon attaching the line to the boat cleat, Norm noticed living creatures on the line--like little shrimp/worms. Norm attached a bridle to keep the painter lines off the boat. Were the lines too heavy? Or, was Vicki affraid of the shimp/worms? She claims not to have seen the creatures. Didn't you Vicki? Didn't you really?

The Portland Yacht Club has a free shuttle which Vicki took advantage of immediately to go ashore and take a run. Norm stayed aboard and got ready for the long, daring, 5-mile run to Portland in the AM and washed the creatures off the foredeck.

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