Wednesday, August 6, 2008

We're Goin North Again, Mom!

Today, we are in Portland, ME docked at the Sunset Marina. Directly across the harbor is the "Explorer of the Seas", a Royal Caribbean Cruise Liner. As she was departing, she took up all the space in the harbor. See?

Mom is due in a few hours. Vicki wants to give her a sample of our cruising life. So, she has selected destinations that include anchoring in remote, isolated, out-of-the-way, nobody will find you anchorages; quintessential Maine touristy, crowded, souvenir-buying, shopping towns we dinghy to from a mooring; and, big city marinas. Norm, on the other hand, suggested that if we really wanted to give Avie a genuine taste of full-time cruising, let's have her do an oil change, wash the mustash off the bow, do a pumpout, change a diesel fuel filter or replace a burned out raw water pump impeller. That didn't fly, so, we're headed back North to places we know and some we don't. First stop is a place we have not been to--"Love Cove" on the Sheepscot River. Then it will be a day at a time depending on weather---and Avie.

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