Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We're almost there, mom!

Yesterday, we continued our cruise south. We anchored at a spot that we knew would protect us from the northerly winds forcased for overnight--Potts Harbor. You might remember that we anchored there on the way north. This time, Potts Harbor seemed prettier than before. First, there were far fewer lobster trap buoys; and, none in the vicinity where we set the hook. The last time we were surrounded and more were being placed as we anchored. Also, we were dodging storms all day and actually missed a couple. Later, after a few showers, the skies opened up and the sun would shine down between huge white billowy cloud formations. It was a picture postcard scene. Then last night the skies were crystal clear and we could actually see the milky way. We felt we could reach out and touch the stars. What a beautiful sight, never seen in cities.

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