Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It Was Just a Ruse!!

Our trip to Ohio to see Norm’s brother was not to take a break from this retirement thing. It was to be there to participate in his surprise 70th birthday party bash. He has been reading this blog regularly and we did not want to spill the beans. So we made up this “needing a break…” ruse to give us cover for being there at all. Well, it worked. He was very surprised on Sunday when over 40 family and friends joined in the fun. Some came from as far away as Maine!!

We’re back in Maine now. This morning started making our way southwestward toward Portland where we’ll pick up Vicki’s Mom on Wednesday for a 5-day stay. The weather is supposed to be good for cruising – we’ll be enjoying some of the many ports we haven’t yet explored in Maine.

Once again, we’re traveling into parts of Maine with spotty connectivity. So, we’ll post when we can.

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