Thursday, July 31, 2008

Camden, ME

It had been threatening rain all day but the cruise was only 3.5 hours from Castine, ME down the beautiful, wide, deep Penobscot Bay. We ran the engines a bit harder today to get the speed we needed to beat the rain and to test the engine repairs. Again, the engine ran perfectly. The rain came just as we attached to the mooring ball, but let up enough for us to go in to town on the free marina launch. We explored the town and then returned to the boat before the next shower and just in time for cocktails. Just as we were sipping some wine, a deluge of large wooden sail boats arrived to catch a mooring ball. It seems the wooden boat show was more than a show. It was a race and Castine to Camden was one of their legs. So, we got another chance to see more of them. Camden is one of those touristy spots with the many souvenir shops and Maine lobster restaurants. The mooring field was a bit rolly, but not as bad as Bar Harbor. The marina manager noticed we were rolling and invited us to use the fuel dock after hours if it got too bad. He said we would “settle up” later. Not sure what that meant but did not take him up on his offer. Did appreciate the option, though.

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