Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We Need A Break From This Retirement Thing!!!

First, it was a clogged sea water intake; then it was repairs and re-repairs; then it was availability of parts. Our plans have once again been affected by circumstances beyond our control. What’s next? Now, its Cristobal’s 4-8 ft waves expected during our planned cruising days this week. Isn’t boating fun?? The redeeming factor is that we really like it up here and being delayed is not the aggravating event it might otherwise be. Unfortunately, we will have to postpone mom’s visit next week to the following week giving us time to get to the Portland harbor. Then a week later, our friends Rick and Lynnie are coming up from NC to spend some time with us.

We need a break from this retirement thing! So, we’ve decided to dock Tide Hiker in a marina for a couple of days to weather the storm and go visit Norm’s brother and sister-in-law in Ohio. It has been a few years since we’ve been there; and, we understand their whole family will be in town. So, this will be a great time to descend on them, see nieces and nephews we have not seen for years, have some fun and regenerate for more retirement cruising.

What kind of name is Cristobal, anyway?

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