Friday, June 13, 2008

Yesterday we trekked to Sachem Head CT - another horseshoe-shaped coved lined with beautiful trees, homes and a grape arbor. We've had a few leisurely days now - departing at 10:00, running for 3 hours and anchoring with fair skies, moderate temps, flat seas - lovely!

Today was another short trek to Essex CT. Friends Ken and Judy recommended a stop here and it was a great choice. Small town with one main street lined with homes dating from the Revolutionary War and artsy shops and (Pat) a Talbot's store. The Griswold Inn, where we stopped for a cocktail, dates from 1776 when Essex was a major shipbuilding center -- you can picture the shipbuilding moguls meeting there to fret about whether the port was safe from the redcoats--well, it wasn't during the war of 1812 when the British burned 28 ships for a total loss of $160,000. The cruise up here, while short was a bit nippy. So, Vicki doned the outerwear you see here. We're going North?????? [After posting this, friend Rick called to say Vicki looks like a terrorist in this pic!]

Exercise aboard is a challenge. This morning the great room (ha!) was turned into the gym. Pushing back the cocktail table made room to roll out the exercise mat. Norm stretched and Vicki did pilates to a DVD. Tomorrow we'll call the launch (we're on a mooring ball and many have complimentary launch transport services between boats and shore) early to take us to shore for a run.