Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June 9: Short, Slow Run to Greenwich CT

It's a bit hard to see but the pic at left may give you an idea of were we are. (Norm will try to figure out a way to make it more clear.)

Getting off the mooring ball was much easier--just toss it in the water! At 0830 we were untethered and began a short slow run to Greenwich CT. Greenwich is only 12.2 miles from City Island. The Long Island Sound was clear as glass and very little traffic--only a few fishermen. We arrived Greenwich Town Dock at 1130 and were met by Wayne, the dock master. Wayne went above and beyond. He was waiting for us when we arrived and helped us dock. He loaned us a 30Amp/50Amp Shore Power splitter and drove us to a marine supply store to purchase one and some other stuff. Then he made a return to the store for us when we purchased the wrong item. And, we would not take a gratuity--so we forced one on him. Nice little harbor-very well protected but only a short distance off the Sound.

When Norm returned from the store, Vicki surprised him with a happy birthday banner, cupcakes with a birthday candle, and cards.

Then the work began. Norm washed the boat, pumped out the waste tank and filled the on-board fresh water tanks. Vicki did laundry, ironed and vacuumed and other housekeeping jobs and began to research the next few days' anchorages.

Stacey, Norm's niece along with her two children, Eli and Kiely, picked us up about 5PM. She took us to their home in Stamford where we met up with Ian her husband. After some cocktails and snacks at their lovely home, we were off to dinner. Ian and Stacey treated us to a great fish dinner on the water. We had a chance to get "caught up". Norm had a very nice birthday!!!

Today we will make another short run to Norwalk Islands--just another 15 miles. We'll anchor there before this afternoon's predicted rain.