Thursday, June 12, 2008

Now We're Talking!

We spent yesterday anchored at ‘the Gulf’ outside of Milford CT-- a horseshoe shaped cove between a treed island and a long sandy beach framed by beach homes. What a great place! Very picturesque. We took the dinghy into town where we had incredibly delicious gelato, and Norm is now sporting a new haircut courtesy of Bob the Barber. Then back to the boat to fire up the grill for its maiden voyage – we’re happy to report that it produces exceptionally tasty food. A little wine with dinner overlooking the island, rocking gently in the cove – now we’re talking!

Vicki said that yesterday was the first day she really enjoyed. (Notice the number of superlatives in this posting.) We finally had a fun and relaxing day. Also, she’s finally getting the hang of determining where to stay and finding anchorage, mooring ball or marina, depending on the weather forecast. She’s now figured out a process, so now it takes much less time and frustration! Gotta have a process – and no, Bob, it doesn’t involve a spreadsheet J. Our destinations are now planned for the next week – tonight Sachem Head, then Essex, Mystic, Block Island and Newport.

This morning we took the dinghy to the long sandy beach, put the anchor in the sand to hold it and went for a 40-minute power walk. Well…we were greeted with this picture when we returned -- the tide was receeding and the dinghy was mostly out of the water and resting on the skeg (never a good thing)! Norm lifted the motor and we were able to skedaddle having learned another lesson. Hope all of our lessons have a soft landing like that – so far, Neptune has been kind to us. (See, that boat renaming ceremony is paying off!)