Monday, June 16, 2008

We see lightning on the horizon

Here we are. When you click on the photo, you'll get an exploded view. So, if you are having trouble seeing the notation, just click on the photo.

We are anchored in the Great Salt Pond on Block Island, RI. See the big "hole" in the island. That us!!

Today, we hiked parts of the island and stopped at Ballards, a famous restaurant recommended to us by our friends Ken and Judy. Very good!! The hike was perfect. It was a bit chilly this morning so we layered up and by noon were down to T-shirts. There were some lovely vistas on top of the hills here that looked over the island and Block Island Sound. Here's a shot of the most beautiful farm I have ever seen. We were surprised by the rural makeup of the land here. Lots of farms. Also, Vicki had to smell the flowers in this shot, but soon her head was surrounded by bees--hence the expression.

Tonight we are expecting more storms. We can see the lightning in the distance. We just spoke to our friends on the Mother Ship (still located at City Island, NY) and this storm passed them about 30 minutes ago and had 15-30 minutes of sustained winds of 43 knots.
Jim and Robin are making unexpected repairs on their generator and will depart City Island on Wednesday. We should join up again in Newport, RI.