Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Speed At Anchor and Other Things

OK, around 9:00 PM last night we recorded our boat's speed at .3 knots per hour----while at anchor! The storm dealt us 43 knots of wind and rain from the south. Do ya think I had too much anchor chain out? (I am a bit paranoid now.) We could see the boat move on the chart plotter and the GPS anchor alarm. It looked like the roller derby babes were whipping us around. If you saw the boat's track on the chart plotter, you would have thought we were playing etch-a-sketch. We were dragging a bit but the anchor dug in and kept us safe for the rest of the night. We both hit the sack at 10:30 and had a great night's sleep.

OH, and Cal, just so you know, we didn't have the life jackets on this time! We're getting a bit more confident of our ability to ride out a storm without catastrophe.

Today was a 5-star day. Blue sky, bike ride to the northern tip of Block Island, and ice cream. We've sufficiently rested in this lovely place and will trek on to Newport RI tomorrow morning. Hoping for smoother seas than we had coming over.

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