Friday, June 20, 2008

Root for Rambler

Yesterday’s adventure was provisioning (aka ‘shopping’ for all you land lubbers). Vicki took the new pull-cart for its debut 6 blocks to the grocery store and loaded it up, plus bungeed two canvas bags on top. It’s a good thing the 6-block trek back was downhill. We’re not sure what the maximum payload of the cart is, but it’s a good bet that it was exceeded. This picture shows the “before” photo – we never got around to taking a photo of the thing fully loaded because we stopped (and stayed) at the Black Pearl dock bar to meet friend Lynnie’s cousin who is the bar manager. Nice guy, in spite of the fact that no free drinks were offered. While quaffing the not-free drinks, we chatted with some guys who were racing in today’s Newport to Bermuda 5-day race which we’ve come to understand is a big deal in the sailing world. Then, while quaffing more not-free drinks, Robin and Jim (ala Mother Ship) arrived after a 13-hour cruise, so of course they were ready for a not-free drink and we had to join them. Anyway, in all of the festivities we lost track of our intention to take a picture of the fully-loaded pull cart. Maybe next time.

In case you’re wondering, Norm also went provisioning – to the hardware store and marine supply store – but declined the opportunity to take the other pull cart… it didn’t really fit with the do-rag salty dog image.

Today was the start of the Newport to Bermuda race. We watched the start from the lawn of an inn overlooking the harbor entrance. It was thrilling! The start lasted 2-hours as the classes start 10 minutes apart. See the cooool pics. Robin used to race sailboats, so we were lucky to have a tutor since we know next to nothing about sailboating. We’ve selected boats and have a small wager on whose boat will place highest in its class. Robin picked Donnybrook, Norm selected Speedboat, and Vicki chose Rambler. Jim is still considering. There’s a website for tracking the boats as they progress – fun!

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