Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Catching Up and Slimming Down

Welcome back everyone. We know we have been negligent in updating the blog and we apologize for our lapse in timeliness. Here's a summary of how we got here. We've done a lot since our last update in August. But first, here is a link you can click on to see our cruise route to Urbanna, VA from Rock Hall, MD (Lot's of new places):

Late summer on the Chesapeake has been full of friends and travel.  In mid-August, we cruised the rivers north and south of Baltimore.  Niece Aimee and her fabulous fiancee Brian joined us to anchor in the Magothy River where Roger and Lisa pulled in on their boat. Aimee and Brian were the first into the kayak's.  They were gone a long time and explored much of the surrounding shore.   Later, Rog and Norm caught crab dinner while Aimee and Brian sunned and Vicki and Lisa kayaked.  Perhaps we shouldn't mention that Lisa had to be pulled off a shoal twice - the same shoal, coming and going.  Lisa was using Norm's kayak which has both pedals and paddle -- and the woman still couldn't dodge the shoal!

Brian and Aimee in the kayaks

Crab feast aboard Tide Hiker. Norm, Brian, Aimee, Lisa, Roger

Middle River, north of Baltimore, is beautiful.  The Middle River Yacht Club offers reciprocity with no fee - not even for electric.  What a deal, and a nice place with nice people.

Toward the end of August we landed at Anchorage Marina in Canton, walking distance from the inner harbor of Baltimore.  This was our base for three weeks.  During that time, Vicki traveled to Tucson to see Mom and on to Portland for the wedding of the son of family friends.  Norm went to Milwaukee to see the kids and grand kids who all gathered at Katie's cabin for the Labor Day weekend.  Colleen, the oldest daughter, confirmed that she and husband Brian are expecting their first baby in May.  Great news!

Brian and Colleen (daughter 1), newly expectant parents

Katie (daughter 2) and Jake (grandchild 1)-Waiting for the bus for 1st day back to school

Katie and Evan (grandchild 2).  Just showing off.

JoycE (grandchild 3).  Just showing off too

 Christine (daughter 3) and JoycE.

The MTOA (Marine Trawler Owners Assoc) Rendezvous was held at the Anchorage Marina in mid-September.  Unfortunately, Vicki caught a bug on one of her six plane flights and was down and out for the whole rendezvous.  Norm saw some great seminars and did the bachelor thing at the social events.  It was great to see lots of friends there.  We had fun connecting before the rendezvous with Pam and Jim Shipp, Chuck and Pat Berry, Jim and Robin Roberts and Jeff and Karen Siegel and after the rendezvous with Diane and Steve Koch.

After the rendezvous, we putted across the bay to the Wye River, a wild and beautiful place.  Delaware friends Peg and Mike joined us aboard Tide Hiker for four days.  Roger and Lisa anchored on their boat.  We had a wonderful time at the Audubon Center hiking on a bed of pine needles and the first fall leaves.   Roger, Mike and Norm caught crab dinner again.  (Having learned the last time, Vicki decided not to get the kayaks down!)  We had dinner out on the boat deck each night with a remarkably bright moon.  We did, however, need to turn on the spreader lights to play dominoes.  I'm not sure who the winner was -- my recollection is overshadowed by the fact that Rog once again worked himself into a big hole from which there was no escape.

 Carbing up before the big hike tomorrow.  Roger, Norm, Peg, Mike, Lisa

Rog, Lisa, Peg, Vicki and Mike on the Trail

Vicki slurping fungi juice.  Ummmmm!

Tide Hiker at anchor in Pickering Creek, Wye River, Chesapeake  Bay

On to Washburn's Boatyard in Solomons MD for some minor maintenance and sitting out storms.  You many recall from previous blogs that we have been here lots before. Washburn's has some of the most capable, friendly and helpful folks. That's why we come here often. We intended to stop by here for a quick installation of a new exhaust elbow on our No. 2 generator and fix a fuel leak on our No. 1 generator and some other minor stuff. But, as luck would have it, the weather turned. The tropical storm that was moving up the east coast and dumped 21 inches of rain on NC slammed us. We were forecasted for 4-5 inches of rain and wind gusts of up to 35mph. We ended up getting over 12 inches of rain.  Winds were as forecasted for us.  But our friends Todd and Brenda aboard Life's 2 Short, who are anchored south of here recorded sustained winds of 35 and gusts of 45-50. Fortunately their anchor held. Other friends, (Rick and Lynnie aboard Rickshaw) steamed from Atlantic City 95 miles in the Atlantic Ocean and the Delaware Bay to our old home port, Summit North Marina safely and just before the unsettled weather rained down on them. Experience really counts folks!!! Norm says "when I grow up I want to be just a good as those guys".

Tide Hiker pulled into the Town Marina in Urbanna Va on Saturday.  Vicki found a shuttle driver to take us to one of her favorite things on the Chesapeake - Virginia's Li'l Ole Opry at Donk's Theater in Matthews Va.  Very entertaining - fabulous music - a truly unique experience.  Betsy, one of the performer/owners of the theater remembered us.  She introduced us and others celebrating anniversaries or birthdays to the audience before the show.  For us she said "I would like you to meet the Naughton's.  They came here last year and docked at the Matthews Yacht Club and we picked them up.  This year they are docked at Urbanna and hired a shuttle driver to bring them here".  We had to stand up and face the spotlights.  Real down-home country folks here guys.  The next day the shuttle driver, who is also part time dock hand at the marina, took us a couple miles out of town to another unique experience - a local deli/restaurant called Something Different.  The meat and ice cream are from the proprietor's own beef and pigs -- everything is made there -- they insist that you taste everything before deciding what to order --and it's all delicious.  We had the "Kick-Ass-Chicken" and the BBQ Pork.  Scrumptious!!

You'll recall that the No Booze Cruise to Lose was in full swing during this time.  Vicki is easily sustaining a loss of 17 lbs. and many alcohol-free evenings, and enjoying a vastly expanded wardrobe.  Norm is down 10 lbs. and needs to buy some skinny jeans.

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